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Published: 05th August 2010
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sms2mint ( a KodeSphere company) endeavors to provide all the sms related services to our user community free of cost. You can send unlimited free sms to anyone in india. yes there are no strings attached, no daily limits. send as many sms as you would like. provides the users with 140 chars to type their sms which means more character are available to express their feelings and thoughts via free sms remaining characters will be used to provide contextual or house ads. not only allows you to send free smses but also allows any one to send messages to you using our shortcode and the messages will be delivered to your mobile as well as's inbox.

Who uses sms2mint?

SMS2MINT can be used by any person in India/USA who wants to send free sms to India. All you need to signup is a valid mobile phone and email address. We need your mobile phone number to validate the account and avoid the misuse of's service. By confirming your mobile number you also ensure that no one else is sending sms using your mobile number.

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Why use sms2mint?

SMS2MINT boasts a rich set of features for our FREE SMS users, some of which are as follows:

• Send unlimited free sms to anyone in India.

• 140 chars long free sms

• receive free sms without mobile.

• Get responses delivered to your inbox

• Never lose any sms with sms2mint's unlimited storage

• Get rewarded for sending and receiving free sms on sms2mint.

• Redeem rewards for free gifts

• Sign up for offers from our partners and get rewarded for every offer that you receive.

We at SMS2MINT have a mission to make this a true one stop shop for all your sms related needs, and we are constantly adding new services to our already rich portfolio, so please keep your eyes open for new services as they are for you only.

Today, text Messaging is becoming an integral part of our everyday life. People have identified the ease and comfort of using sms over voice chats because of its faster delivery time. Another advantage of SMS over voice conversation is that the later is at a risk of being heard by unwanted ears.

There are many advantages of using sms2mint over sending messages from your phone:

• All your sent and received messages are saved forever.

• You can change your mobile handset, and still have your old Text Messages with you

• It's completely FREE

• It has potential of earning you rewards

• And much more'

Watch for new services added to our service portfolio every now and then, and see if you can benefit from them.

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